1,5-6 mm² 500 V, 110℃ for difficult working conditions


  • 22001 – RNSS 1,5-6 mm²


  • The housing of the RNSS 1.5-6 mm² terminal block is made of top-quality imported plastics, which have insulating properties as well as resistance to heating above the characteristics of previously used materials (110°C without deformation).
  • The connectors are made of Ms profile with dimensions of 5×8 mm and are galvanically protected.
  • The screws on the terminal contacts are in line with JUS-MB-1.111.Zn. M-3, 5×6. Four screws on each connector are used to clamp the conductor – two for clamping the conductor, and two for clamping the short-circuit bridge.
  • The short-circuit bridge is made of copper sheet (6×1.5 mm) and is galvanically protected. It is made for two terminal lengths and is cut according to installation requirements. The short-circuit bridge is installed by cutting the plastic in the middle between the two contact slices, and the bridge is placed directly on the contacts and fixed with screws, which ensures ideal contact and contact safety.
  • On the lower part of the terminal, a mechanism is installed to fasten the terminal to a standard DIN 35 mm line.
  • In addition to the mentioned possibility of installation on a width of 35 mm, this terminal has the advantage that it can be installed without a line directly on a flat surface using two screws diagonally on the corners of the terminal.
  • According to its technical characteristics, the RNSS 1.5-6 mm2 regular load-bearing terminal block can serve as a current and voltage terminal.


  • For distribution cabinets with measuring devices with the following purpose:
    a) As a command-signal terminal in the cabinets of higher residential construction
    b) As a command terminal for tariff management in cabinets of individual and higher residential construction
    c) As a “zero” pass-through terminal in individual residential constructions for sections up to 6 mm². In the same case, it can be used for tariff signaling.
  • As a current and voltage terminal for wiring large distribution cabinets for everything types of industrial plants
  • For schematic control cabinets (with signal and selective controls in tools and other machines), as well as in process equipment control cabinets.
  • As a clamp for equalizing the potential (grounding) in the manufacturing of home appliance installation (grounding of all metal parts in the bathroom).
  • Due to its functionality, small size and safe fixing on the bearing width this terminal has a much wider application than specified here.