Top quality, for general use 500 V, 110℃


  • 23013 – terminal block RS 10
    23014 – terminal block RS 10 blue
    23015 – terminal block RS 10 z/z
    23016 – terminal block RS 10 red
  • 23075 – short circuit bridge M 10/2
    23076 – short circuit bridge M 10/3
    23077 – short circuit bridge M 10/4


The connection with the conductor is achieved (for all sizes) using a stirrup made of a special brass profile, which assures that it will not be deformed during clamping. The stirrup is clamped with M-3 screws for terminals RS 2.5, RS 4 and RSD 2.5 and with M-4 screws for terminal RS 6 and RS 10. The stirrup is protected by galvanization (chemically passivated), and the screws are made in quality 8.8, and then galvanized. The transfer plate is made of copper sheet, which is electrically conductive and is also protected galvanically.

  • The housing is made of top quality plastics: Polyamide PA. 6.6. FR. in the “Vo” self-extinguishing class.
  • The suspension system on the DIN 35 line provides a solid connection that cannot be detached without intentional unlocking.


The mutual short-circuiting of the terminals (for sizes RS 2.5, RS 4, RS 6 and RSD 2.5) is done using 2-pole and 3-pole plug-in bridges, which enables quick short-circuiting, thus saving time on schematic work. The short connection of size RS 10 is made with a classic bridge made of a copper sheet, and the bridge is clamped with an M-4 screw over a copper socket.


  • The universality of these terminals and their superior quality enable their application practically without any restrictions. For planning cabinets for sections up to 10 mm².
  • A complete supporting program such as end plates, end holders, tags, group markers, etc. has been developed for this range of terminal blocks.


23009-23013 RS 6; RS 10 – ATTESTATION