TERMINAL BLOCK RS 25-35/4, RS 25-35/4 ECO and RSB 25-35/4 ECO

500 V, 110℃ for difficult working conditions


  • 22060 – RS 25-35/4 with the short connection option
    22062 – RS 25-35/4 ECO without short connection option
    22063 – RSB 25-35/4 ECO with short connection and sealing options

Technical features

  • Connection with the conductor, in all variants, is achieved with the help of a brass rail 11×14 mm and with 2 screws on each side M 8×12 mm galvanized, made according to JUS111.
  • The housing is made of the highest quality technical plastic, in the “Vo” self-extinguishing category.
  • The DIN 35 line suspension system ensures a solid connection that is impossible to separate without intentionally unlocking the lock.
  • The compatibility of the terminal allows various unlimited combinations with high strength and compactness, as well as high reliability of clamping the conductor with two screws.
  • The variant RSB 25-35/4 A is intended for sealing, it has a transparent cover made of LEXAN of the self-extinguishing category “Vo”
  • The RS 25-35/4 variant is intended for short-circuiting. Portable bridges for short-circuiting are made of copper sheet 15×2 mm with accompanying accessories.


  • Can be particularly used for installation at measuring points – construction cabinets with heavy loads.
  • For installation in places with difficult working conditions such as increased temperatures and constant maximum loads.
  • The application of the terminal practically has no restrictions for conductor cross-sections up to 35 mm².