TERMINAL BLOCK RS 2×50/2×16, RS 2×50/4×16, RS 2×50/8×16, RS 4×50

500 V, 110℃ for difficult working conditions


  • 22084 – RS 2×50/2×16
    22068 – RS 2×50/4×16
    22068p – RS 2×50/4×16-blue
    22068z – RS 2×50/4×16-green
  • 22075 – RS 2×50/8×16
    22075 – RS 2×50/8×16-blue
    22075 – RS 2×50/8×16-green
    22073 – RS 4×50


  • The housing of RS(B) 50/2×16 50/4×16 6×16 8×16 series terminals is made of high-quality imported plastic materials that have insulating properties as well as resistance to elevated temperatures, above the characteristics of previously used materials (110°C without deformation). The material “NORYL” SEO, self-extinguishing category “Vo” was used.
  • The connectors are made of a compact brass line 14×16 mm. The lines are galvanically protected.
  • The screws on the terminal contacts are in line with YUS MB1-111.Zn. and each contact is tightened with two screws.
  • With this construction, short-circuiting with the help of classic bridges was avoided, thereby avoiding one weak spot on the terminal.
  • A mechanism for hanging the terminal on a DIN 35 line is molded into the terminal housing on the underside.
  • The sealing cover is made of transparent LEXAN of the “Vo” self-extinguishing category.
  • It is possible to add (with the help of a dovetail) one or more poles (for grounding) of the RS 4-16/1 clamp type to the RS and RSB/35 terminals.
  • With this new construction, many shortcomings that existed in terminals used until now (such as terminal type RNSS 4-16) and others have been eliminated.


  • Primarily, the advantage and purpose of RSB/35 series terminals is the possibility of sealing through the cover in the cabinets of construction measuring points of two meters.
  • The purpose of RS and RSB/35 terminals has no restrictions in terms of power supply clamps for all types of either industrial cabinets or any type of equipment containing electrical power supply.