For acetylene, propane-butane and natural gas machine burners


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  • Dry anti-flame fuses for machine torches M-1, M-2 and M-3 are used to protect machine cutting equipment, as well as the cutter itself, from backlash.
  • MThey are mounted exclusively on machine burners and on each gas line.
  • They can be used for welding and cutting with acetylene, propane butane, natural gas, and oxygen.


  • At least once a year subject the fuse to a flame blowback. If there is a significant reduction in gas flow, replace it with a new one.
  • All fuse repairs are performed exclusively by the manufacturer.


  • Each fuse is tested for sealing power (M-1 at 2.5 bar, and M-2 and M-3 at 10 bar) and at least three flame blows.
  • A type M dry fuse cannot replace a water fuse.

Dry anti-flame fuses are constructed so that the gas, upon entering the fuse, opens the non-return valve (1) and continues to flow through the sinter insert (2) and the openings in the joint support (3) to the machine burner. The direction of gas flow is indicated by an arrow on the fuse body. When there is a return of the flame due to the explosion, which then occurs, there is an increase in pressure inside the fuse. The pressure acts on the non-return valve, closing it and preventing further gas flow from the installation or cylinder. The return blow of the flame enters the space between the sinter sleeve (2) and the fuse body (4), the gas passes through the sinter cartridge, cools down and since there is no contact with the new gas, it is extinguished and prevents its further spread. This fulfills the basic purpose of fuses M-1, M-2 and M-3.